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Occupied City (2024)
Titre original: Occupied City
Genere: Documentaire / Nouveaux Films‎
Année: 2024
Durée: 4h 26min
Réalisé par: Steve McQueen (II)

Description: Occupied City (2024)

Occupied City is a film directed by Steve McQueen (II) that explores the events surrounding the occupation of a city by a foreign military force. The film delves into the emotional and psychological impact of the occupation on the city's residents, as well as the power dynamics at play between the occupiers and the occupied. Through a series of interconnected narratives, Occupied City examines themes of resistance, collaboration, and survival in a time of crisis. As tensions rise and the situation becomes increasingly volatile, the characters must navigate their way through a complex web of relationships and allegiances in order to survive in this harsh and unforgiving environment.

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