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Smoke Sauna Sisterhood  (2024)
Titre original: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood
Genere: Documentaire / Nouveaux Films‎
Année: 2024
Nationalité: Estonie, France, Islande
Durée: 1h 29min
Réalisé par: Anna Hints

Description: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood (2024)
Smoke Sauna Sisterhood is a documentary film directed by Anna Hints that follows a group of women in Estonia who share a bond through their love for smoke saunas. The film explores the cultural significance of smoke saunas in Estonian traditions and the deep connections formed among the women who gather to enjoy them. Through interviews and footage of their sauna rituals, the film illuminates the timeless rituals, camaraderie, and sense of community that these women experience through their shared love of this ancient practice. Ultimately, Smoke Sauna Sisterhood celebrates the power of tradition and the enduring bonds of friendship that can be forged through shared experiences.

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